Congratulations to Soraa

Congratulations to Soraa for the announcement that their founder Shuji Nakamura has received the 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics for his work on blue LEDs.

With such expertise on their board it is no wonder that Soraa is leading the field with retrofit LEDs.

Let your imagination run wild

The oh so creative lighting company Vibia have recently launched a DIY wall light consisting of separate blocks that can be arranged any way you like to create an unusual effect of light and shadows. The possible effects are limited only by your imagination.


Is it a hat or a pendant?

Here is a stunning lampshade that could also double up as a hat for Ascot! If you fancy buying it you had better warn your bank manager though as it costs a stunning $7,150! Still a big win at the races might just about pay for it 🙂


Guess when this was designed!

Here is my table lamp of the month:

flos gino









Can you guess when this ultra slick, elegant, and so so beautiful table lamp was designed? 1951! Even I’m not that old!

It is surprising that such a contemporary looking design was created so long ago. The designer was Gino Sarfatti and the item is still being made by Flos.


And while you are there….

While you are at Terminal 2 at Heathrow airport admiring the stunning pendant at the caviar stand (see previous post) why not take a look at the lovely sculpture at the Wondertree restaurant, which is rather surprisingly shaped like…..a tree!


Feeling hungry?

If you are feeling hungry and want to see a fabulous sculptural pendant head over to Terminal 2 at Heathrow airport and take a seat at the Caviar House & Prunier stall. Order some caviar, a glass of champagne, and look up. This remarkable pendant has 350,000 individually controllable LEDs. Well done Cinimod Studio for this wonderful work of art.


I’m depressed!

I am house hunting at the moment. This is a fun activity. I enjoy browsing the net for houses both affordable and unaffordable.

As a lighting designer I am always curious to see how houses are lit. Old houses I of course expect to be lit conventionally, and often badly. What has shocked me though is how many brand new houses are also badly lit. This is especially obvious in the kitchens where the position of the light fittings in 90% of the new homes I have looked at is simply wrong. Wrong because the task lighting will be masked when the cook stands at the work surface.

Are builders/electricians/Architects really so ill informed that they don’t understand the simple physics of how light travels? Or do they simply not care? I realise that for many new builds the cost of a lighting designer is considered unwarranted, that’s fine, but it really is about time that builders/electricians/Architects paid a little more attention to how the spaces are lit.

I run occasional CPD courses for Architects and, as part of the course, ask those present to rate three different ways of lighting a bathroom. It is depressing how many still think that a spot directly over a basin is the best way to provide lighting. Don’t Architects get taught about lighting as part of their course?


Look no wires!

Megaman’s Ingenium system looks ingenious. From the sparse details I have been able to extract it will allow control (on/off/dim) of their retrofit LED lamps with a mobile phone’s bluetooth. Sounds fun! Not sure how practical it really is but I am very much looking forward to playing with it.

Phase adaptive dimmer

I am always on the lookout for the perfect LED dimmer. Compatibility issues are a nightmare so to find a dimmer that worked with every LED lamp would be nirvana! This may be too much to ask but some dimmers certainly come closer than others. My Favourite at the moment is the V-PRO from Varilight. I hope to try out the LEDstat from Hamilton Litestat soon as this is a phase adaptive dimmer with clever brains that determines how the attached load should be dimmed. The spec looks good, I just need to try it out to confirm it does actually work as advertised. I will post the results here when I have concluded my tests.

Flaming brilliant

I have just come across a lovely purely decorative E14 LED candle bulb with a 1900K colour temperature which gives a similar colour of light to a candle flame. At 50 lumens output it is of course only decorative but could be useful for creating a very warm and cosy effect. More on this can be found at the Verbatim website.

Tricky and exciting

I rarely find visits from lighting reps very stimulating. The wares on offer are usually the same old same old, yet another version of a well worn design. But today was different. The lovely rep from iGuzzini showed me a stunning range of new ‘light blade’ fittings called Trick. These clever little LED fittings sit very discreetly on the wall or ceiling and can be used to create narrow and wide washes of light. Perfect for arches. I can’t wait to use them on my next project.

iguzzini trick



LED Myths and Legends

It sometimes happens that, despite our best efforts, customers end up choosing the wrong LED lamps and fittings. This is usually because an electrician or lighting supplier has supplied erroneous information about the fitting they have chosen. To help customers and Architects understand the issues we have exposed some of the main LED myths in an article we have just published on our website (

Do take a look, it is well worth reading and will help ensure you choose the most appropriate LED lamps and fittings for your needs.

Happy Birthday to us Happy Birthday to us ….

We are 10!

It is now 10 years since we started WowLighting. And what an amazing 10 years it has been. The breadth and width of our customer base has been truly amazing.

In the 10 busy years since WowLighting started it has created lighting schemes for new build homes, refurbishments, hotels, restaurants, shops, churches, galleries, offices, sports centres, schools, etc., and has worked on projects for Channel 4’s Grand Designs and ITV’s Hell’s Kitchen. WowLighting works throughout the UK and abroad in countries including France, Spain, Ireland, USA, Tobago, Barbados, and Cambodia.

A celebration is in order so….

WowLighting is giving out prizes! The winner of our free entry competition will receive 10 hours of free lighting design consultation! This should be enough to create a fully specified lighting scheme for one or two rooms. But that is not all. We are also giving 10 lucky runners up a free 1 hour consultation. The competition is open to anyone including Architects, property developers, builders, and home and business owners, or even just the curious!

To enter simply send an email to with the subject “Competition”. Please include your full contact details as well. The prize draw takes place on September 29th winners will be notified shortly thereafter.

Now for some birthday cake 🙂

In praise of Maurice Brill

I often admire the work of other lighting designers but no more so than the work of Maurice Brill. It is the drama of his work that particularly appeals. Perhaps it is our shared background in Theatre lighting that draws me to his work. Hard to pick an example from so many stunning images though.